Rundfunkorchestra, 2018-present

participation as sound artist
mixing for radio and recording engineer in multichannel and binaural set ups. 2018-present

Recent news and upcoming shows

With the approach to set a counterweight to the formatted program of established radio stations, the radio orchestra broadcasts uncontrolled sounds in stream and ether. Only loose agreements regarding the sound material as well as its use in time are agreements that guarantee a unique performance at each performance: always new, always fresh. Rundfunkorchestra shows:

Inspired by their participation in the radio art festival Radio Revolts 2016 (Halle) and the live programme “SAVVY Funk” (Berlin) as part of the dokumenta14 Radio Project (2017), the group has been working on their own live improvisations since the beginning of 2017. One of the constants of the performance is the inclusion of the sound of the location and the instruments and objects used. The recording or broadcasting begins with enter- ing the room, including setting up the setup. Thus electronic instruments such as drum machines and com- puters become sound generators even before electricity begins to flow through them. Everything is allowed as an instrument or sound generator: soundscapes, voices, oscillators, live streams, samplers, effect devices.

Bauhaus.Fm Rundfunkorchestra recorded as well parts of the sound and music used for the audiowalk-application “Wo Ist Walter?” by Bauhaus University Weimar for the 100 years of Bauhaus.