Web radio of the Circuits and Currents, project space of the Athens School of Fine Arts, creation and curation: Eleftherios Krysalis and Kassiani Goulakou, 2015-2017 http://circuitsonair.wixsite.com/circuitsonair

CircuitsOnAir started as an artistic project for the exhi- bition Reality Through Fiction in 2015. The idea of ex- tending in the nearby area lead us to the radio station of the Polytechnicum School in Athens, which was active during the military regime in the 1970s, and to the work of Ianis Xenakis, who he had been injured in Exarchia, Athens, in the beginning of the Greek civil war. Having these two references, the idea of a radio station started to grow.

During the exhibition, the radio broadcasted fake news and advertisements indicating a future neo-liberal world, as well as sound pieces of the reconstructed sound- scape of the area and live performances, that were part of the exhibition. The original idea was to have a radio frequency that could broadcast in Exarchia. Due to tech- nical reasons, we decided to create instead a web ra- dio station. While working together on the exhibition, we shared a mutual interest for sound and radio. That was the cause to keep CircuitsOnAir as the web radio of Cir- cuits and Currents.

At the beginning, there were two regular shows every week with various contributors, one from Athens and one from Munich. These two shows shared a similar struc- ture, that was based on the idea of the sound collage. The content of the shows expanded from musical im- provisations and text reading to mainstream and under- ground songs, skype calls, live mixing etc. We like the idea of a growing radio network between different cities and countries and tried to communicate through the two shows. During this process we somehow reached some limits. We recognised a growing need for getting a deep- er knowledge and experience about radio as a format and moreover as an artistic practise. By changing our approach we want to find a way to go ahead and discover new ground.