Digital Bauhaus Orchestra (D.B.O), Bauhaus University Weimar, 2018-2020

participation as a musician, intrument: Cretan Lyra with live-electronics
concerts: next_generation 8.0 LIVE CODING: Konzert VII und VIII, ZKM, June 2019, Karlsruhe and SEAM Concert, July 2019, Weimar

The DBO -“Digital Bauhaus Orchestra” is an ensemble founded in 2018 at the SeaM Weimar. Students from different faculties come together to develop and discuss analog do-it-yourself instruments, experimental sound production, soft- ware instruments and contemporary performance practices. In addition, each instrumentalist is equipped with his or her own loudspeaker, allowing a direct musical and visual link to the respective musician. In addition, the generated sounds are additionally processed by a complex PureData programming (Philipp Schmalfuß / Denis Połeć) and projected mul- ti-channel into the auditorium.

Musicians of DBO: William Amsler samples | electronics,Pedro Camargo voc | electronics, Laura Dang uke, Clement Demonsant granulateur, Leon Goltermann experimental perc. | electronics, Mohammad H. Javaheri cycloop | flute | electronics, Moritz Hanfgarn experimental perc. | electronics, Jacob Hartung daxophone | electronics, Paulina Kiss vi- ola | electronics, Eleftherios Krysalis cretan lyra | electronics, Jason Langheim experimental perc. | electronics, Stefan Licheri grillophone, Anna Magdalino violin, Ronaldas Obukas LargeSheetMetalPlate | electronics, Denis Polat bağlama, Denis Połeć diffusion | conduction, Josephine Prkno samples | electronics, Philipp Schmalfuß diffusion, Yigit Tasde- mir guitar | fx, Onur Ünal electric guitar | electronics, Sergio Valencia trumpet | electronics

Direction: Tim Heilbig