Radiophonic Places – Follow the Radio Wagon: Parallel programme of the exhibition Radiophonic Spaces, 2019

live broadcasting programme
assisting in the curation together with Laura Dang, with the support of the Bauhaus University Weimar and Bauhaus.Fm, Weimar, July 2019

Radiophonic Places – Follow the Radio Wagon was a walk-in listening room for Radiophonic Spaces using a mobile radio studio from July 26 to 28, 2019. Performances, concerts, discussions and workshops on the topic of 100 years of Bauhaus | 100 years of radiophony took place publicly at changing locations in Weimar’s urban space and were broad- casted live on and 106.6 MHz. For 48 hours, radio artists, scientists, former and current students dealed with questions about the political potential of listening cultures, the consequences of technical developments for radio art, and alternative radio formats.