Fixed media sound installation, duration 51minutes, 2020

The audio piece “Soundscapes from Ramallah, Palestine is an around 51 minutes hybrid between a radio feature and soundscape composition, and in ideal conditions has to be listened to and presented as a sound installation. Processed and raw field recordings together with interviews by people who are living or once lived in the area of Ramallah, are being used to narrate and question the soundscape of the city and its changes due to the political situation and the continuously changing reality. It is the first result as a master thesis of a research on the topics of listening, soundscapes and politics in general and specifically on the Politics of Listening: Soundscapes from Ramallah, Palestine.

The piece is characterized as a radio feature due to its journalistic ap- proach on interview recordings with people, and soundscape compo- sition on the other because of the dominant presence of soundscapes and the low pace rhythm of developing.

Artist Talk and Soundpaper for “p o  s   t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies“.  

Documentation of the Installation

13th Medienkunstpreis, 1st prize

Kurzstrecke 112 – Deutschlandfunk Kultur