Show 694: Strata by, Radia.Fm, 2018

radio art, duration 28’00’’
Produced by Knut Aufermann, Jan Glöckner, Martin Hirsch, Eleftherios Krysalis, Grit Lieder, Johann Mittmann, Severin Schenkel and Anton Worch.

Image by Jan Glöckner

Instead of following a linear compositional approach, the spectrum of human hearing range was divided into five discrete frequency bands for which five pieces of 28 minute length were produced completely independently. Those layers were then combined with very little intervention to produce the stratospheric results you can hear.

20 – 120 Hz: Eleftherios Krysalis
A collage made from experiments of different ways of producing and editing low frequency sounds. Sources include pre-recorded material from the archive, analog sound generators, digital operators and silence.

120 – 400 Hz: Janine Müller & Jan Glöckner, 400 – 1000 Hz: Konrad Behr & Anton Worch, 1000 – 3500 Hz: Severin Schenkel, 3500 – 20000 Hz: Grit Lieder & Johann Mittmann